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Smart Water Meter Challenge

Helping Western Cape schools to save millions of litres of water every month

The Greater Cape Town Water Fund

Removing alien invasive plant species to save billions of litres of water

Wesgro is the official Tourism, Trade and Investment Promotion Agency for Cape Town and the Western Cape. We promote our inspiring city and its five surrounding regions; the Cape West Coast, Cape Overberg, Cape Karoo, Garden Route & Klein Karoo and the Cape Winelands.

Discover more at www.goto.capetown.

What is a FLOW Credit?

FLOW Credits are a new way to value water.

These Credits are generated from projects that save water, create jobs and provide water services to communities.

1 FLOW Credit = 10 litres of water = R1.00

Why Cape Town welcomes

& needs you.

The Western Cape province welcomes over 1.2 million visitors each year, contributing R40bn in the local economy and supporting up to 300 000 jobs. So staying away is not the solution.

Level 6b restrictions were placed in effect on the 1st February 2018. Daily water consumption per person has been limited to 50 litres.

This tool will help you to calculate your consumption and provide you with a mechanism for offsetting your water usage during your stay.

Your visit to Cape Town can make a positive impact on the water situation as well as our economy!

Thank you!

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Smart Water Meter Challenge

The Greater Cape Town Water Fund

The Smart Water Meter Challenge is a special campaign aimed at saving water at schools across Cape Town through the installation of a water monitoring device called the Dropula.

The system monitors water usage and flow and provides information that can help inform opportunities to save water i.e. putting urinals on a timer to flush only during break time or shutting down certain taps at certain times of the day.

To date the system has saved over 35million litres of water for over 200 schools!

For more info visit www.schoolswater.co.za

The Greater Cape Town Region loses about 38 billion liters of water per year! This is a result of alien plant invaders in the areas feeding water to the dams and aquifers upon which the region depends. Through investing in nature based solutions, such as clearing thirsty invader plants in priority areas within the catchments, an additional two months water for Cape Town can be made available over the long-term!

The Greater Cape Town Water Fund partnership is one of 32 global water funds initiated by The Nature Conservancy - a global organisation working to conserve nature and improve people’s lives.

For more info see www.nature.org

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